A Very Strange Guide to Vet Practice Data

A Very Strange Guide to Veterinary Practice Data

Standardized data is gnarly, you say? Well, we say try before you deny!

Contains minor spoiler for seasons 1-4 of “Stranger Things”. 


When it comes to veterinary professionals, there is no stranger thing than data. It’s often outdated, mistrusted, or ignored. But data just tells the story of your business. And if you learn to speak data, you’ll find it contains answers on how to improve your medical and business operations.

Enter, Petabyte! We’re here to guide you through the very strange world of data and to equip you with the knowledge and the tools (like AAHA Benchmarking) to wield data for the good of your practice and the good of the veterinary community.

And just like Stranger Things, we’re going to make this world a little less strange by chatting all things data in the comforting embrace of some ‘80s pop culture. So, pop on those headphones (playlist’s below) and let’s un-Vecna veterinary data!

Good data

Master of Puppets – Metallica

The problem we face in the veterinary industry is that a lot of PIMS data is messy; littered with multiple entries per item, missing/outdated prices, and misspellings (does anyone really know how to spell Shih Tzu or Dachshund without autocorrect?). It’s like looking at your practice in The Upside Down. It’s technically the same, but no one wants to be there.

Your data should reflect the quality of medicine at your veterinary practice. And that’s where data standardization comes in. 

Data standardization applies an organizational structure, based on pre-defined catalogs, to your PIMS data. It transforms all your data— including category, sub-category, price item, even metadata!— into clean, accurate, and up-to-date information. It’s a system!

Now, Eddie might call data standardization forced conformity. We call it clarity! Data standardization ensures your data matches your practice activity. So that, not only can you understand where you’ve been, you can also make effective decisions on where you need to go.

Making data good

Should I Stay of Should I Go – The Clash

So how do we make your data good data? Once you connect your PIMS, our team uses The Matcher, our proprietary standardization tool, to help automate the process and get the freshest and most accurate facts as quickly as possible.  Here’s a sneak peek behind the scenes.

1. Clean

All your data is reviewed to assess what should stay and what should go. Misspellings, duplicates, blanks, etc. are captured and cleaned to prepare data for matching.

2. Match

Time for a makeover! Our team matches all your data to our standardized catalogs (rooted in AAHA standards).

  • Your inventory data (your codes) is mapped to our standardized catalogs.
  • Your client and patient data is mapped and categorized. 

3. Finalize

We run one final quality check before your data is imported back and ready for you to use! 

4. You're the Master of Data!

Time to show off! With your data clean and actionable, you’re ready to mingle with the rest. 

Start comparing your own practice data to industry insights and engage your team in the things that matter. Find the gaps, identify where you can improve, and start making practical changes at your practice. 

Be the master of your own data, don’t let it master you!

Community data

Islands in the Stream – Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers

Building up your peers in the veterinary industry takes a community. After all, we’re all in the business of bettering the lives of pets and the people who care for them. Eleven can’t defeat The Upside Down herself. She needs Dustin, Max, Steve (we all need Steve), and the rest of the Party.   

And we need each other. AAHA Benchmarking harnesses the power of community data to improve pet care and business success for individual practices while raising the bar for industry-wide veterinary excellence. Teamwork makes the dream work, so what are you waiting for? You too can join the community!

Gathering benchmarking data

Up Around the Bend – CCR

Most benchmarking resources in the veterinary industry collect data just as they present it – like it’s 1986. But it’s not 1986. Ferris Bueller didn’t just take the day off, Molly Ringwald didn’t just go to prom in a pink dress, and Tom Cruise didn’t just feel the need for speed. It’s 2022—and we’ve got the technology to prove it.

We could survey the veterinary industry, interpret the survey results, regurgitate those findings into a book, and publish an entire series the length of The Lord of The Rings.

But then it’d be 12 months later and not only would those results no longer be relevant, they would make about as much sense as if they were written in Elvish.

Instead, we’re hitting the gas pedal and replacing manual surveys with live data feeds.

AAHA Benchmarking offers an automated process for ongoing data retrieval available for all veterinary practices to opt into.

  • Connect you PIMS to clean and standardize your data.
  • Behind the scenes, all new data is continuously cleaned and matched to our catalogs as it comes in.
  • Data is updated daily which means AAHA Benchmarking offers insights into the rest of the veterinary industry, live!

Data security

You Don’t Mess Around with Jim – Jim Croce

We don’t mess around with your data. All your data is handled using our own proprietary software, so the data that appears in AAHA Benchmarking is:

  • Anonymized
  • Processed with algorithms to prevent reversibility 
  • Encrypted at every step of its journey
  • Stored with high levels of security and encryption

Keep calm and benchmark on, brochachos

Pass the Dutchie – Musical Youth

You own your data.  Enjoy AAHA Benchmarking knowing that, as leaders in the industry, we do everything we can to protect you and keep your data secure.

What can you do with that data?

Never Ending Story – Limahl

You too could save the world from monsters! In AAHA Benchmarking, there are never ending answers to your practice’s story. 

Learn it.

Explore insights in various formats to better understand your practice’s performance. 

Know it.

Get actionable insights into your practice’s performance and cross-reference them with industry data to ensure you’re making the best decisions for your practice to improve business, boost team morale, and practice better medicine.

  • Your SPOT Scores provide immediate insight into high-performing areas of your practice as well as the areas that need improvement.
  • The SPOTlight dashboards provide even more insight into the financial, medical, production, and operational gaps your practice is facing.

Live it.

Material Girl – Madonna

How do you do it?? AAHA Benchmarking will guide you!

  • Where can you boost revenue?
  • How can you increase productivity in your team?
  • What can you implement to increase client compliance?
  • Which services can you offer to provide better pet care?

It’s a material world—we need all the help we can get!  AAHA Benchmarking helps you take your practice to the next level.

Next step: AAHA Benchmarking

Running Up the Hill – Kate Bush

Your data is your ticket out of The Upside Down and the key to unlocking your practice’s future. All you need is:

  • A standardized database as the foundation
  • Data that’s been turned into easy-to-understand reports & visualizations
  • The right tool to provide actionable insights
  • The support of your community (and vice versa)

AAHA Benchmarking helps power your practice’s performance with industry insights so you can keep running up that hill towards veterinary excellence— and you’ll have the graphs going up & off the charts to prove it!

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