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AAHA Benchmarking had us a blast!

AAHA Benchmarking happened so fast! It’s been a whirlwind since we announced our collaboration with American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). We’ve shared a lot of content over the last few weeks to fill you in on our partnership, AAHA Benchmarking, and why we’re so passionate about making standardized data accessible to the whole veterinary community.

We know you have a lot of questions and navigating through all the answers can be overwhelming. So, here’s a brief overview to help guide you through all the resources at your disposal.

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Why are AAHA & Petabyte partnering?

We're hopelessly devoted to you, your practice, and your pets.

AAHA & Petabyte are passionate about making better data & open standards accessible to everyone in the veterinary community. And we’re starting with great vet software.

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What is standardized data? Is it live data? How is data kept secure? What does benchmarking data do?
Basically, what is data?

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Data is the word.

Once you learn to speak data, you can wield it for the good of your practice and your pets. With clean, standardized, secure, and live data, benchmarking becomes a far more effective tool for your veterinary team.

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How can better data help my practice?

Vet med + data go together like...

Better data gives us the opportunity to have a real-life impact on our veterinary practices and our pets.

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What is AAHA Benchmarking?

It's automatic. It's systematic. It's hydromatic. It's greased lightning!

Get live insights into your practice’s performance and compare yourself to the rest of the industry using easy-to-interpret visualizations & reports.

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How can I use AAHA Benchmarking at my practice?

Look at me, benchmarking is so easy!

With live insights, you can use AAHA Benchmarking to make daily improvements for your team and your patients.

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How can I get AAHA Benchmarking?

We're the one that you want!

AAHA Benchmarking is easy to use and easy to get. Once you connect your PIMS, we work some standardization magic, and you’re ready to benchmark. It’s that easy!

AAHA Benchmarking example report

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