5 tips for transitioning pet parents to Boop, rhapsody’s veterinary client engagement software

Ready for a more a more collaborative pet experience? These five tips will help you transition pet parents to Boop, rhapsody's veterinary client engagement software.

When it comes to client-facing apps, practices often find themselves facing certain obstacles.

  • Hesitancy over adding yet another platform to the team’s roster
  • Concern over forcing clients to switch and learn a new app
  • Fear of money & time wasted

Boop squashes every obstacle with a powerful, two-way platform designed to make pet health easier for you and pet parents.

Boop pros for your team

Boop pros for your clients

Tip #1 | Prepare your team

1. prepare your team

Step 1

Schedule time with your account manager to help your team get started with setups. Once you’re comfortable with Boop workflows, you can set it & forget it

Step 2

Make sure your team understands why Boop is important for the practice and pet parents – to help you work together to give pets the best care possible.

Step 3

Since Boop is built into rhapsody, you’re already familiar with the platform. So just keep doing what you’re doing!

Tip #2 | Anticipate clients' objections

2. Anticipate objections

"I don't need technology to care for my pet."

There’s no cost and no obligation (but there are a lot of benefits).

"What if I get stuck and don't know how to do something?"

Make sure your clients know you’re there for them every step of the way (whether Boop or pet related). You’re just a Boop message away!

"I'm already used to your current platform. I don't want to learn something new."

Boop was designed for an easy transition. In the blink of an eye, get faster, better, and more consistent care for pets (in and out of the office).

Tip #3 | Set a realistic timeline for your team and your clients

illustration of a dog holding a calendar

Before offering Boop to clients, make sure your team is on the same page about when & where to promote Boop.

Plan in buffer periods

Set deadlines

Keep your account manager in the loop

We’re here to help field any questions, concerns, or issues you or you clients encounter. 

Tip #4 | Make Boop necessary

Screenshots of Boop client engagement software

Integrate Boop into your practice's daily workflows

  • Requesting refills
  • Report cards & discharge notes
  • Follow-up emails
  • Regular cadence for any questions

Tip #5 | Make Boop irresistible

screenshots of Boop veterinary client engagement software on phones

Sure, you’ve integrated Boop into your practice workflow, so clients know it’s necessary. But make sure they also know why they want it. And why they can’t live without it.

Get your clients addicted to Boop

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