Getting to know the veterinary community at Connexity

Petabyte joined the American Animal Hospital Association at Connexity 2022!

Rachelle Menn

It’s hard to believe that Connexity 2022 was a month ago! It was AAHA Benchmarking’s “official” industry launch and what a launch it was—the last few weeks have been a flurry of activity as we began onboarding the first batch of practices. Now that we’re getting in the groove of having AAHA Benchmarking out in the world, I can finally take some time to reflect on the incredible weekend our team had at Connexity.

This was my first conference ever, and I’m so grateful that our partners at AAHA were such gracious hosts and made us feel right at home. Also, I got to cuddle with puppies which is all any event really needs (I’m easily won over).

To my fresh eyes, Connexity felt wonderfully grand. However, my more seasoned peers pointed out that this was a smaller conference which was, actually, it’s shining quality (besides the puppies). The intimacy of the event paved the way for more meaningful conversations, the opportunity to form real relationships, and a chance to have some fun with friends, both new and old.

 Perhaps that’s why I left feeling like I had actually gotten to know the veterinary community better than when I arrived. My entire job revolves around bridging the gap between your needs and the technology we create to support those needs. And Connexity was the perfect opportunity to deepen my understanding of the needs and interests of veterinary professionals.


Lessons learned

For instance – I found that, although individual needs vary, in general, the veterinary community is facing the same core issues— lack of resources and lack of support.  

Which actually made me that much more confident in what we’re doing at Petabyte and, in particular, through our collaboration with AAHA. AAHA Benchmarking is exactly what’s been missing. Not only is it an exceptional platform designed to assist practices (live. Like as it happens!) in finding their strengths and weaknesses to make necessary changes, it also, by nature, is designed to encourage teamwork and a community-centered approach.

Now, I also noted a healthy amount of apprehension when terms like “data” and “data sharing” and “standardization” were thrown into the mix. BUT, to those of you with doubts, I encourage you to look at it this way—data and standardization and benchmarks are just tools, a means to an end, to take veterinary professionals (i.e. you) where you want to go.

Plus, benchmarking has been around for decades, AAHA Benchmarking is just a more accurate and more accessible way to view the data—live! 

(Plus, Bugs thinks it’s really cool).

I scream, you scream, we all scream for AAHA!

On our end, we take data security very seriously. All your data is handled using our own proprietary software, so all data in AAHA Benchmarking is:  

  • Anonymized 
  • Processed with algorithms to prevent reversibility 
  • Encrypted at every step of its journey 
  • Stores with high levels of security and encryption 

You own your data.  

I also noticed how much trust the veterinary community has in AAHA and how much faith there is in AAHA’s commitment to guiding every veterinary professional towards veterinary excellence. As industry leaders so committed to your journey to excellence, we hope that their participation reassures you that we’re doing everything we can to protect you, your practice, and your patients. 

I'm officially the veterinary community's #1 fan

What impressed me the most, seeing all you veterinary professionals up close and personal, is how much love you have for each other and your job. And, your eagerness to grow with the times and be the best you can be for your patients and your teams.

To quote an oldies song (as I’m prone to do) we make your dreams come true! It’s our (and AAHA’s) goal to arm you with the tools you need to make your dream job actually feel like a dream. Hopefully, AAHA Benchmarking is the first step to making that dream a reality. 

So that’s me signing off from my first conference! I had a blast meeting you all. Next on the agenda: meeting up with the AAHA team to plan for the next iteration of AAHA Benchmarking (spoiler alert: it will likely include…more filters!!!). So, keep an eye on this space for all AAHA Benchmarking updates. 

– Rachelle 

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