Re-introducing Boop Vet Client Portal

Re-introducing Boop Veterinary Client Engagement Platform

Hi, again! We're Boop.

The relationship between veterinary practices and pet parent is changing. And we’re changing the technology that powers it. Boop is your digital practice companion and one-stop client engagement portal. It’s built into rhapsody, so you don’t have to go anywhere to partner with clients in their pet’s health. You’re together every step of the way, from check-in to check-out and at-home care.

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We gave veterinary software a makeover.

A great client engagement platform is the digital foundation for the partnership between the vet team and every pet parent.

What does an efficient, modern, & comprehensive client communication platform look like?
There's nothing you can't do in Boop

Client engagement


Communicate with clients using text and Boop vet software

You manage Boop through rhapsody and pet parents manage Boop through the Client app.

  • Connect with clients in real time
  • Update and receive any changes to pet profiles
  • Access discharge instructions and vaccine certificates

Remote everything

Scheduling appointments with rhapsody veterinary software

Through Boop…

  • Charge and process payments
  • Schedule appointments, and complete check-in
  • Send push notifications (like reminders) directly to pet parents
  • Process refill requests

Boop Unleashed

Boop vet software showing plan options

The all-access pass to the whole Boop package for a monthly fee. With just a quick, one-time set up, you’re ready to connect with clients like never before.

Pet care

Patient information

Patient info screen of rhapsody vet software

Everything from medical history to contact details is accessible to pet parents in the app and practices using rhapsody. Any changes are always reflected in Boop and rhapsody.

Boop Wellness & Boop Subscribe-and-Save

Boop vet software showing wellness plans

Both Boop Wellness and Boop Subscribe-and-Save are set up, customized, and maintained by you in rhapsody and managed by pet parents in the Boop app.

In-SOAP chat

In SOAP chatting with rhapsody veterinary software

Just you and the pet in the exam room? Keep pet parents up to date with the built-in chat in the SOAP. DM pet parents with any questions or urgent updates as you go.

At-home care

Creating recurring workflows with rhapsody vet software
  • Control the medicine
  • Assign tasks
  • Provide accurate resources so pet parents don’t turn to Google

Behind the scenes

Boop is for the modern pet parent & forward-thinking veterinary teams to join forces in pet care. Here’s a brief recap of how Boop improves the day-to-day for every team member.




Pet parents

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