Re-introducing rhapsody PIMS Vet Software

Re-introducing rhapsody Veterinary Software

Hi, again! We're rhapsody.

Over the last year, we’ve been doing a lot of self-care. Our PIMS platform is better and more powerful than ever. Plus, we’ve got two new platforms (Boop and Petabyte Analytics), built to complement rhapsody and make your team even stronger. But before we get into the Boop and Petabyte Analytics of it all, we want to remind you exactly why rhapsody is the best in the biz. 

Re-introducing rhapsody vet software wide

We gave veterinary software a makeover.

Great practice management software functions as your digital support system, improving your standard of care and increasing your bottom line without any extra hassle.

What does an efficient, modern, and comprehensive platform look like?
There's nothing you can't do in rhapsody

Client engagement

Kiosk + online check-in/check-out

Screenshot showing the rhapsody veterinary check in kiosk

Alleviate the stress of updating client records and obtaining signatures because your clients can access the kiosk from anywhere on any device.

The kiosk remotely gathers important info before patients are even seen, expediting the flow in and out of the practice.

Online paperkwork

Online paperwork with rhapsody vet software

Still manually creating, scanning and attaching documents to records? Not anymore. Rhapsody automatically creates necessary paperwork for your appointments and has it readily available for clients as soon as the appointment is booked.

Digital signatures & acknowledgments are also seamlessly integrated into rhapsody’s digital experience.

Global inbox

rhapsody vet software inbox screenshot

Access every conversation from one inbox or from each individual patient record. Rhapsody tracks and stores all communications (emails, chats, calls, and texts) so any team member can pick up where another left off.  

Task management

Create task lists with rhapsody vet software

Stay on the same page with built-in task management. Say goodbye to clip boards and sticky and automate your workflows. Assign tasks to team members (even lunch orders!) via the digital treatment board or to pet parents in the client-facing app.


Accept payments with rhapsody veterinary software screenshot

Process payments with portable terminals that connect directly to rhapsody, ensuring client balances stay up to date and that all charges are accurate every time. Plus, email, text, pre-authorization, and in-app payments are all right at your fingertips!


Multiple screenshots of Boop vet client engagement

Connect with clients in real time with our one-stop client engagement portal. You manage Boop through rhapsody and pet parents manage Boop through the client app. From check-in to check-out, the entire visit is run through the app (you can even chat to clients directly in the SOAP to efficiently communicate updates.

Beyond the visit, clients can update health records, pay invoices, track Boop Plans, and manage medications. You oversee it all, from guiding at-home care to providing accurate info to the client-practice relationship, by assigning tasks and chatting with clients. Boop empowers clients to take an active role in their pet’s health.



SOAP vet tasks with rhapsody

Our SOAP smoothly combines every step of the exam workflow from creating an appointment to following up with a patient. You’re SOAPing on one screen from intake to payment. Easily view prior medical history. Just search through the catalog and select. Everything you do is automatically tracked and stored to the EMR so they’re always up to date.

Standardized catalog

Multiple data sources flowing into rhapsody vet software

All your data, from inventory to pricing to patient information to diagnoses is standardized into our digital database – the same catalog whether you are one location or 1,000. Just search and select instead of guessing spelling, calculating numbers in your head, or trying to locate a random sticky note.


Roles + permissions

Setting up permissions for rhapsody vet software

You’re in control with employee access to the platform. Assign several roles to team members wearing multiple hats. Block platform access when the practice is closed. Lock invoices and set specific financial roles to keep finances secure.


rhapsody veterinary software inventory screenshot

Say goodbye to misspellings and duplicates. Not only do we clean all that up during migration, but everything has a hierarchy. Set reorder points, on-hand amounts, and even update orders seamlessly in the platform.

Clean data + built-in reports

Reports using rhapsody vet software

Track performance with 25+ spectacular built-in visualizations and reports created from clean and accurate data and updated in real time.

BONUS: Petabyte Analytics

Multiple screenshots of Petabyte Analytics

Need more analytics? Petabyte Analytics is a standalone business solution to use in tandem with rhapsody or most PIMS. Data is cleaned, consolidated, and standardized into a powerful asset backed by rhapsody’s global catalogs, AAHA accounting codes, & algorithms. All your analytics are consolidated into one place, including PIMS, marketing, CRM, & ERP data. Built-in dashboards to keep track of a single practice or get a bird’s-eye view of all locations.

And if you’re growing, use our one-time data dump to get insights into potential practice acquisitions.  Plus, groups can use the Report Builder to customize analytics to meet specific needs.

Behind the scenes

Rhapsody is for forward-thinking veterinary teams of all shapes and sizes, from single practices to groups. Here’s a brief recap how rhapsody improves the day-to-day for every team member.




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Our sales manager Jordan Holmes is ready to walk you through Boop and the future of your practice(s).

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Our sales manager Jordan Holmes is ready to walk you through rhapsody and the future of your practice(s).