rhapsody happy hour

rhapsody happy hour

Welcome to rhapsody's happy hour,

where the products are hot & the drinks are cool. As heard on the latest podcast episode, Thomas (our VP of Product and resident cocktail connoisseur) has concocted a drink for every product. Plus, we’ve included a song pairing for each cocktail.

So, mix your drink of choice, pop on some oldies, and relax. Remember this feeling – this is what it feels like to use rhapsody, Boop, & Petabyte Analytics at your practice 😉

Drink 1

The 4th Regiment

At first glance, rhapsody is easy breezy. But beneath the surface, there is some real depth to rhapsody’s functionality. Behind the scenes, we’re building an app that strikes the perfect balance between simple, effective, and innovative. It’s like no PIMS you’ve ever seen before. 

Just like rhapsody, The 4th Regiment calls for three different bitters, which is rare in a cocktail. The trick is balancing all three for a smooth drink from start to finish.

It’s a classic with a twist.

Song pairing ♪
Have You Ever Seen the Rain? 
  • 1 part sweet vermouth
  • 1 part rye whiskey
  • 1 dash of orange bitters
  • 1 dash Peychaud’s bitters
  • 1 dash celery bitters
  1. Fill a glass with ice
  2. Add 1 part sweet vermouth
  3. Add 1 part rye whiskey
  4. Add 1 dash of orange bitters
  5. Give the glass one good shake
  6. Add 1 dash Peychaud’s bitters
  7. Add 1 dash celery bitters
  8. Shake glass
  9. Strain drink into fresh glass
  10. Enjoy.

Don’t drink & rhapsody.

Drink 2

21st Century Cat Nip​

Boop is young. Boop is eager. Boop is probably a vodka drinker. It’s time to elevate the pallette (when it comes to client engagement platforms and cocktails).

Enter a drink that’s everything you wanted and more. Easy drinking, fun the whole way through, and leaves you ready for the next one before the glass is empty. 

It’s better than your wildest dreams.

Song pairing ♪
Girls Just Want To Have Fun 
– Cindy Lauper
  • 1 ½ ounce gin
  • ¾ ounce lemon juice. NOTE: Fresh lemons ONLY. Just like old software, older lemons ruin the flavor.
  • ½ ounce St. Germain
  • ½ ounce white crème de cacao
  1. Add gin, lemon juice, St. Germain, & crème de cacao to a glass with ice
  2. Shake
  3. Strain into a fresh glass
  4. Serve it with a (fresh) Lemon twist

Don’t drink & Boop.

Petabyte Analytics
Drink 3

The Last Word

As our data repository & visualization hub, Petabyte Analytics can really feel like it’s got everything but the kitchen sink. It might feel a bit obscure. It might sound a little challenging. But in practice, it’s actually quite simple.

Introducing a cocktail, that just like PA, is a no-nonsense classic. It’s stands out above all other drinks because it’s clean, orderly, and exactly how you want to end your day.

It’s the truth.

Song pairing ♪
Bohemian Rhapsody 
– Queen
  • ¾ ounce gin
  • ¾ ounce maraschino liquor
  • ¾ ounce chartreuse
  • ¾ ounce lime juice
  1. Add gin, maraschino liquor, chartreuse, and lime juice to a glass of ice
  2. Shake
  3. Strain into a fresh glass
  4. Serve it up

Don’t drink & Analyze.