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Come on, vet vendors!

Thinking of joining rhapsody’s Marketplace? Check out these FAQs for everything you need to know. Then, simply fill out the form below to join! We can’t wait to welcome you to rhapsody’s Marketplace.

Q: What is rhapsody's Marketplace?

A: Come together, right now, over rhapsody

We built rhapsody to be a full package PIMS for veterinary teams. But, we wanted to give practices the opportunity to supplement our platform. Rhapsody’s Marketplace helps practices zhuzh up their workflows with industry services—ones they know and love, and new ones they discover along the way.  

Q: How does rhapsody's Marketplace work?

A: Shout, shout, API it all out!

rhapsody’s Marketplace is your chance to tap into rhapsody’s veterinary community on your own terms. We built Marketplace as an extensible platform with an open API to make it as easy as possible to add yourself as a partner.

Q: Why should I join rhapsody's Marketplace?

A: Imagine all the veterinary people living life with your business

Access to rhapsody's veterinary community

Joining rhapsody’s Marketplace puts you front and center for all rhapsody users. Not only will your past clients have access to your service, but potential clients will have the opportunity to discover you and enhance their rhapsody experience. Our Marketplace partners offer even more efficiencies for practices which enables better patient care, increased profitability, and stronger client relationships.

Customize it from beginning to end

Rhapsody’s Marketplace is built on an extensible platform with an open API. That means we’ve set things up for you to have full control of your presence in rhapsody.

Streamline the user experience

Unlike other platforms, we house integrations seamlessly right in rhapsody.

  • Use pre-filled forms & sophisticated workflows to build the user experience
  • Rhapsody users can enjoy your platform without ever leaving rhapsody (that means no new tabs or windows!).

Q: Who else is a Marketplace vendor?

A: Some of rhapsody's Marketplace vendors include:

Marketplace logos

Q: How do I become a rhapsody's Marketplace vendor?

A: The stairway to rhapsody's Marketplace is quick & easy


Fill out the vendor form.


Receive your unique API authorization key & documentation.

Set up & customize your product on rhapsody’s Marketplace.

Are you a veterinary professional?

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Make the most of Marketplace!

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