rhapsody’s Marketplace integrations: connecting workflows & data

rhapsody’s Marketplace integrations: connecting 3rd party workflows & data

Rhapsody presents: VetThinkLab: The Series

Today’s episode is all about how rhapsody’s Marketplace integrates third-party veterinary services right into the rhapsody PIMS ecosystem. Kim Fish is joined by Court Killgo, CXO of Kontak CloudRetriever, a phone system that integrates client communication with practice management systems.  

As a Marketplace partner, CloudRetriever takes it to the next level by allowing you to customize the integration to fit your rhapsody workflows & to make smarter business decisions by tracking all VOIP metrics through Petabyte Analytics.

Kim & Court chat about the intricacies of the integration and how stacking amazing technology in this way leads to more bookings, increased client compliance, better pet care, efficient workflows, and business growth.  

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