Tips to help your team migrate to new vet software (PIMS) with Kim Fish

From the Desk of Kim

Kim Fish
VP of Veterinary Strategy

C-H-A-N-G-E, the six-letter word

I know users of vet software who have been on the same system for over 20 years, yet they recognize the need to abandon the cobwebbed server and upgrade to the flexibility of the cloud. There are also power users who actively look to update their platform, eager to keep up with modern technology. They all have one thing in common: they get to experience change in all its glory. Change is one of those things that involves some degree of effort, struggle, discomfort, fear of the unknown, and faith that the payoff is worth it.

As VP of Veterinary Strategy, part of my job here at rhapsody is crafting effective methods to help our users, even those white-knuckled folks, transition to the best that cloud-based veterinary software has to offer. The transition experience needs to be as painless as possible in exchange for the user’s investment of their most valuable resource—time. It takes time to unlearn the old and time to learn the new. The mental and physical conversion required is where change is the most difficult. But the good news here is that the journey is rewarded with rhapsody, a system that will never require users to change again.

I’ve complied some of the frequently voiced reasons for why users struggle to commit to the one-and-done investment. And I’ve countered them with my tips for powering through to become a rhapsody superstar. Once I’ve convinced you that this isn’t as daunting as it seems, I look forward to welcoming you to rhapsody soon!

– Kim Fish

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Tips to help your team migrate to new vet software (like rhapsody)

“I’m too busy to…”

We know you have one of the busiest jobs in the world. It’s understandable that you want to prioritize meeting your work needs, but what if those many things that keep you busy are more like “spending” time at the expense of investing your time? How can you rethink ways to allocate your workload now to make life easier, better, faster, and more productive in the near future? Here are some ideas:

Set a realistic timeline with actionable deadlines

The best way to manage a transition like this is to put it on the schedule. Setting deadlines (sometimes more than one) will also help keep your team accountable.

Divvy up training

Not everyone on your team has the same responsibilities. Which means you can train your team in sections to optimize everyone’s schedule and help prioritize your team’s time.

Plan in buffer periods

Plan for a learning curve and prepare for delays. Put in buffer periods to make the transition gradual. Maybe it’s workflow by workflow. Maybe it’s team by team. Just make sure you’re prepared for delays of any kind.

Work with your rhapsody account manger

We are here to help you! Use your account manager to help your team stay on track, learn, and train quicker and better. We want you to succeed as quickly as possible, so make the most of it!

“I’m comfortable with my current software.”

Often times, people choose a new software, like rhapsody, without realizing it will be completely different than what they’re used to. Of course, it’s different—that’s the point! You started searching for new software because you needed a change in functionality, but that change includes new ways of doing things. For those resisters who want a different version of their current software, here are some ideas on how to get more comfortable with the idea of upgrading your actual technology, rather than another iteration of what you’re used to:

Appoint a rhapsody Champion

Sometimes, it helps having a resident expert in-house and on your team. They’re on hand to help with any immediate issues. They’re the influencers so if they’re into it, it’s likely the rest of the team will hop on board as well.

Break up new concepts by workflow

Using any software creates a type of muscle memory to navigate the system. Switching software means relearning certain things, and sometimes even unlearning. 

Making a change from what feels normal will be part of the expected “awkward” phase, so try breaking down the process of developing new concepts by the workflow. That way you’re tying that new idea to something practical. Most importantly, give it time!

Check it out!

We had a great conversation about muscle memory and transitioning to new software with Dr. Steve Manyak, President & Lead Veterinarian at Pine Animal Hospital. Dr. Steve talked about his own experience transitioning his team to rhapsody (and other software over the years) and what he’s learned. Take a listen.

"It's just taking too long to adapt to this software."

Transitioning to a new software that’s completely different from anything you know is daunting, especially when you’re trying to do it in parallel with seeing patients and managing clients. But this is where the tradeoff of your time will pay off and make it worth it. Because rhapsody will help you practice better medicine and better business. Nothing great comes for free, but quality time spent learning here will pay in dividends.

Try to understand why we do things differently

One of the biggest changes new users experience with our software is that we’ve introduced more of a Google world. Random typing is often replaced with search which accesses our multitude of catalog terms to speed up entry, document more efficiently, and produce meaningful data insights for managers. This type of automation can be a difficult habit to change. But our catalog system means no more misspellings or mistakes, and much greater consistency with documentation Your records are more accurate, workflows are faster, and the clean data is more effective for business management.

Try it with a tablet

Maybe you’re used to doing things on a desktop or with a paper notebook. The more you cling to that, the harder it is to adapt to new software. A great trick I find to abandoning the old is adopting the new. So, pick up a tablet. It’s a familiar device (we’re all on our phones and doing tech on the go anyways) so it’s not a huge change. Plus, it puts your work into a new perspective; it makes sense to do things differently with software if the hardware is also different. Seeing things from a different angle might help you adjust quicker.

Trust us.

Most importantly, trust us and trust the process. We’re here to make your transition to rhapsody smooth and your rhapsody experience seamless. It will take time, but we’re here with you every step of the way. Here’s a quick overview of all the resources you have.

Ready to learn more?

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