What is AAHA Benchmarking?

Business grows where the industry goes

We’re bringing veterinary medicine into the future! With good data and even better analytics, AAHA Benchmarking helps power your practice’s performance with veterinary industry insights.


Not your average benchmarking platform

Forget flipping through outdated books or scouring endless spreadsheets, AAHA Benchmarking converts normalized data into easy-to-interpret visuals and actionable reports so you can compare your practice’s performance with the rest of the industry.

Navigate AAHA Benchmarking

All the insights you need are accessible from one dashboard. It’s easier than ever to assess, compare, and take action.

SPOT Dashboard

Get a snapshot of the industry’s performance and learn how to assess your practice’s health by exploring four major categories:

Sales revenue

Producer performance


Trends in medicine

Your SPOT Score

Compare your score to the industry average.


Check your score for each individual SPOTlight quadrant. 

SPOTlight dashboards

Tap each SPOTlight for a dashboard featuring in-depth reports & visualizations comparing your practice performance to industry insights.

AAHA Benchmarking example report

So, why AAHA Benchmarking? Let's review.

AAHA Benchmarking harnesses the power of community data to improve pet care and business success for individual practices while raising the bar for industry-wide veterinary excellence.

Standardized data

Standardizing your data means your team is working with clean and accurate information. Even simple changes like removing duplicates and misspelled entries (Datsun = Dachshund, Limes Disease = Lyme disease) can make a huge difference.

Effective analytics

Standardizing your data helps establish a single source of truth which makes your analytics far more effective. For example, with AAHA Benchmarking you can recuperate lost revenue by looking at things like ACT inconsistencies and producer performance to determine the gaps.

Actionable insights

AAHA Benchmarking gives you live insight into your practice’s performance that you can cross-reference with industry insights to ensure you’re making the best decisions for your practice to boost business and practice better medicine.

And the #1 reason? It's painless!

AAHA Benchmarking seamlessly integrates into your digital workflows without any workarounds. Improving your practice hassle-free? It’s a no-brainer.

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