What is the Petabyte Vet Software Consortium?

What is the Petabyte Vet Software Consortium?

Welcome to the Petabyte Consortium!

Earlier this week, we announced our partnership with NVA and the launch of the Petabyte Consortium*. And inevitably, there are follow-up questions. What is it? What is the goal? Who’s involved? We’re breaking down where we stand and what that means for you.

*Petabyte is rhapsody’s parent company

What is the Petabyte Consortium?

Why launch it?

It's time for an upgrade

There are some in the veterinary industry who have become complacent, choosing the comfort of outdated software rather than embracing the exciting change of modern technology. With exciting elements like streamlined workflows, sophisticated analytics, and portable devices (i.e. mobile and tablets), software like ours helps veterinary teams improve standards of care, build stronger relationships with pet parents, and alleviate internal stress.  

This has been rhapsody’s mission since its inception. But we can’t (and don’t want to) do it alone.

What is it?

Enter the Petabyte Consortium

The best way to bring this vision to the market is to have the veterinary community by our side. That way, we know that we’re building software with a direct positive impact for veterinary hospitals, both small and large.

The Petabyte Consortium is designed to leverage cross-industry collaboration to build an independent platform focused on improving the lives of veterinary teams as well as the patients and pet parents they serve.

Making it happen

The Petabyte Consortium brings together many voices to advance software for the industry, leveraging decades of expertise and shared best practices to power our shared objectives:

To build amazing software, we wanted to stay autonomous

Often, software in this space is dependent on selling non-software products or the needs of a single mega group. But that hinders both the success and progress of that software. Rhapsody is the only independent major PIMS platform currently on the market.

The Petabyte Consortium brings together partners from different sectors, backgrounds, and sizes to further that independent vision and voice, and to provide a true choice for hospitals worldwide.

To build effective software, we wanted a versatile team of great partners

We’re collaborating with a mix of industry partners from around the world, varying in size and styles of operations. With their input and guidance, we hope to build an independent platform focused on redefining the future of pet care where the needs of veterinary teams come first.

We have some amazing partners for the Consortium and are looking forward to bringing more partners into this industry-focused effort.

Who's joining?

NVA's involvement

NVA is one of the founding members of the Petabyte Consortium. In addition to investing their time and brain power, they’re also one of our many financial investors. NVA’s participation reinforces rhapsody’s trajectory as the go-to software platform in veterinary medicine and what we see becoming the industry standard. We’re thrilled to have them on board!

Why should I care?

The industry is moving into the 21st century and in the process of embracing the power of technology. With rhapsody, you can leverage a single unified platform to run your veterinary hospitals(s), to communicate with pet parents, and to empower every level of your organization with standardized analytics and powerful workflows. Cloud-based software and normalized data ensure better business, client compliance, patient care, and pet health.

Rhapsody is leading the charge and setting the standard with our industry leading PIMS, standardized catalogs via our proprietary data cleaning tool “The Matcher”, robust analytics tools, companion pet parent communications platform, and open marketplace. 

The Petabyte Consortium is an incredible opportunity for you to get ahead of the game and work with other leaders to improve the future of the veterinary industry and your bottom line.
How can I join?
Katie Huneke, VP of Sales - rhapsody

Let's start with a chat.

Our head of sales, Katie Huneke is here to answer any of your questions.

rhapsody is going to Western Veterinary Annual Conference

Going to WVC?

So are we! We're hosting a Consortium Q&A on Tuesday, September 7th at 11am PST. RSVP and come see us in real life!