When AAHA met Petabyte

A partnership between AAHA and Petabyte Technology

Can two industry leaders come together to build a benchmarking platform veterinarians will love? YES!

A passion for data standards, an unwavering commitment to the veterinary industry, and a love for pets— that’s what brought American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) & Petabyte Technology together.

Combining AAHA’s industry leadership & Petabyte’s visionary technology, we built a platform to help you check where the industry’s at, assess how you compare, and take action within your own practice.

Our Goals

Make good data accessible and approachable

Good, clean data is at the heart of what we do.

Use data to bolster the veterinary community

It takes a village to run a veterinary practice. We want to turn that village into a community and help each other out.

Set data standards as the foundation for the veterinary industry

We’re here to push veterinary medicine forward. Data standards is the first step to taking our industry to the next level—together.

So what does that look like?

It starts with our one-of-a-kind analytics platform, AAHA Benchmarking!

What is AAHA Benchmarking?

AAHA Benchmarking normalizes PIMS data from practices nationwide and transforms it into actionable information to help you spend your time and money where it matters most.

AAHA Benchmarking is critical for veterinary practices to stay current and competitive. Consistently measuring against industry peers enables practices to gain insight into their own performance.

This partnership is a collaboration in industry and technology leadership. AAHA and Petabyte Technology are excited to champion open data standards in the veterinary community through AAHA Benchmarking to drive better medicine and quality veterinary care.

We’re here to guide you in the next step of your veterinary journey. And, with your help, build a foundation for future vet med generations to practice better medicine, offer better standards of care, and grow their business. Without working quite so hard.

Stick around!

AAHA Benchmarking will be available in Fall 2022 to the entire veterinary community. Keep in touch to learn more about AAHA Benchmarking and opportunities for early access coming soon!

Get involved now!

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